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Luke Toespraak during Misa Requiem Bonifacius Bima Prananta Delft 21 November 2016.


Hello, I thought it was best to give a point of view as a child of Bima, my father, since only two people on this world have experienced it from this perspective.

I’ve heard many stories about what a father can mean to you. It can be someone to talk to about your feelings or emotions, someone to ask advice for. For me it was all these things, but most important of all, for me my father was a target or a goal.

Keluarga yang mencintai
Keluarga yang mencintai

His achievements and success in life is something I’m very proud of and something I aspire to achieve myself. I often felt small and puny in his presence, I became more aware of my actions, knowing that everything I do will affect my father in a good or bad way.

This might not sound like the healthiest relationship, but through the years my father told me that I should follow my own path and that the things I’ve achieved so far already made him proud. I’ve learned that I’m not my father and I should not try to be him.

Despite this, I still took a lot after my father. We both are big fans of sci-fi such as Star Wars and Star Trek. My father named me after Luke Skywalker, which also proves how big of a nerd he was. In his line of work, he often used a computer. This also gave me my interest in computers and programming and indirectly helped me develop my passion for videogames, but he wasn’t always particularly happy with that.

My biggest passion I shared with my father was our passion for engineering and aviation. This is something that he kept in his heart until the very end. On this day, exactly two weeks ago, I showed him the latest info and media of a new Chinese stealth fighter. Despite the situation he was still as enthused as ever and I’m happy that I could share this enthusiasm one last time.

All these things and the wisdom he provided through the years, has made me into who I am now and I’m very grateful for that.

Furthermore, I want to give a shout out to all our friends and family who came by last week and gave support to my mother and sister. It gave me time to reflect on everything what happened and made me control the feelings and emotions I’ve encountered in the last few months.

I’m still young and naïve and I’ve learned a lot from this. The love and care my mother gave to my father in his last few days, the love and support our friends and family gave to us in the last few weeks. All of this made me realize what true love and compassion for a fellow human being means, something I will never forget.

Thank you to everyone who showed me this, friends, family, the people from de Regenboog and thank you dad, for your last life lesson.


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