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Toespraak – Disampaikan saat Misa Requiem Bonifacius Bima Prananta di Delft 21 November 2016


To all Bimo’s friends that I admire, Bimo’s loved ones and family… Good Morning.

It is an honor and privilege for me to pay tribute today to a very special person, my brother Bimo. We really appreciate your time, thought and heart for being here with us in a time like this.

Our praise and gratitude to our (the) Lord almighty God that bless us with a special moment today to bid farewell for our beloved brother and friend, Bimo.

My name is Adi and I am Bimo’s oldest brother. Please allow me to represent our big family to express our thought about Bimo.

Firstly, from deep inside our heart, we would like to say our great thanks and enormous appreciation to all Bimo’s friends here in Delft, who have been continuously providing helps for Bimo, Lala, Luke and Kayla during this very sad and hard time, yet very fast and unexpected. Thank you for helping Bimo, since the time he fought to recover from his sickness, when God loves him more and brought his soul back to heaven, until all the preparation now to accompany him to his rest in peace.

Again, we are really grateful and thank you all for all your kindness and attention to our family.

We also ask your forgiveness on behalf of Bimo and his family, if there were any mistakes,  unacceptable words or acts that you observed during our friendship and interactions. I pray Lord Almighty God may always bless your life and family.

Personally, I knew and felt that every one of us, especially Bimo’s family really missed him. But spiritually we have faith and believe that God loves him so much and brought him back to His comfort eternally in heaven. God (Jesus) said, “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God[a]; believe also in me. My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? and if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am” (John 14:1-3).

Bimo now is very happy in heaven, much happier than his life in the world.

As I turn the page of Bimo’s life, he was a very special person in our heart and family. He has one younger sister, one younger brother, and one older brother. All of them are now here with us.  Our parent named him Bimo for a very special reason. Bimo was very special since he was born. He was born longer and heavier than common new born babies in Indonesia at that time. More than that, he was born with a lot of hair, covering almost all of his body. My mom was a little bit worried if those hairs would not go away from body parts that supposed to have no hair. It was a relief that those hairs finally gone away when my Mom took him to bath. Fortunately, not all of those hair totally gone away. He still have a lot of hair on his head, even until now, still there nicely, as compared to me, who have lost a lot of mine.

Bimo is a name that have special meaning and deep rooted from Javanese culture. To those who are familiar with Javanese “wayang” puppetry, Bimo is a name of a hero character, from one of the knights family – the Pandawa. As a hero character, Bimo is the second son in the family, who has biggest body size compared to his brothers.  Bimo character is known as the person who always protect his family.

Since we were kids till we graduated from senior high school, we were always sharing bedroom. Till we were in junior high school, Bimo and I even used to sleep together in one bed. Unlike me, Bimo could fall asleep very easily. And he snored very loudly too, which made me difficult to sleep. As for me, as long as I know I do not snore. I thought, Bimo could fall asleep that easy, since he always kept his mind in peace and surrendered his life to God. He did not allow anything troubled his mind, and he did not think with too many reasons. He chose to simply feel comfortable and get sleep.

Very different with me, who just love playing around since I was kid, Bimo was a very diligent person. He was the handyman of the house. He was always helpful to do all daily chores at home. He liked to help my Dad fixing our electricity cabling, fixed broken roof, fixed broken motorcycle, and many other things. He liked to observe surrounding and offered helps and supports. When he came back to Indonesia in January this year, he asked our maid at home “Is there anything broken that he can help ?”. It was so happen that , our ironing tool was broken, and Bimo did fix it.

Even though I am 2 (two) years older than Bimo, and was supposed to protect him as my younger brother, but when we were kids, most of the times it was Bimo who protected me. Because he was bigger than me in size. When we played games with other kids, during piggy back war play to fight and put our enemies down, Bimo carried on me on his back all the times. Sometimes, I was jealous with him, because even though I was the older kid, friends of our parents knew Bimo better than me. Not only because Bimo was bigger in size, but also he was much friendlier to everyone.

As we grown up older, Bimo was still be my guardian. Actually, he was a true mountain climber. He climbed a mountain almost every 2 weeks during senior high. One day he took me to climb Lawu Mountain in central Java. I never climbed a mountain before, therefore he guarded me along the way.  He asked me all the times whether I still strong enough to move on. He hugged me when I felt cold, he rubbed my back to warm me up. He walked behind me and pushed me so that we reached the peak together.

Kami berempat
Kami berempat

Even after when I got married, Bimo still did it, demonstrating his sincere helps to everyone. As my wife (Noery) and I were about to fly out to Riau (our new living place, two hours flight away from Jakarta) for the first time, Bimo asked us to stop by his dorm in Bandung. He accompanied us riding bus to the Airport. Aferward he directly returned by bus again. And that is for another 180 km trip. It was a very touchy moment which melt my heart every time I remembered it. Even when I grown up older and married, Bimo was still there always ready to guard and protect me, wanted to make sure I arrived safely.

Bimo loved his family deeply. He was a devoted husband and father, who loved and was very responsible in protecting his wife and kids. He was always the strong glue among us, our big family in Solo and here with Lala & kids in Delft.  Looking back, Bimo was always a family man.

To his younger brothers and sisters, Bimo was always a loving brother. When we were young, Bimo was always taking care Agung and Novi. Every time he visited us in Solo, when Novi came home, Bimo would always open the gate for her and drove our car into the garage.

Bimo …., he is not only big in size physically, but also he has a very big heart for everyone.

Bimo has very strong passion and commitment to study. When he graduated from Mechanical Engineering in ITB, he passed the test to join Caltex Indonesia, the biggest oil company in Indonesia. During the final interview session, he asked if he were accepted, will there be any chance for further study? How long he would need to wait? The interviewer answered that it will be depends on the business need and probably it will take 4-5 years work experience. He finally decided not to accept the offer. It was too long for him to wait for higher study. Indeed it was his consistency in pursuing science that really has been inspiring me and our big family.

Bimo always want to help others and do not want to put a burden on others. Even until the last chapter of his life, when he was sick, and things were already very difficult for him, he did not want to put burden other persons. I might have a bit regrets that I could not meet Bimo in person, before he passed away. But I strongly believe, that was exactly what he wanted. Bimo did not want to bother us, his family.  Bimo would love to see all of us gathering here now, at this very moment. We believe that for everything on earth, there is a season and for sure God will make everything great in His time.

My dearest friends, it will be a very long story if I keep on going talking stories about my brother Bimo. And I am sure that you also have many great memories about Bimo. I wished, just like our family do, we will cherish all those great memory of Bimo in our life. Please forgive him if there were anything that he ever done, which you might find unacceptable.

Again, on behalf of our family, we thank you for all your kindness in providing helps for Bimo and his family. Especially to our friends,  mas Kondi/mbak Iin, mas Tri/mbak Eni, mas Bambang/mbak Ria, mas Danang/mbak Ira, mas Erwan/mbak Lelan and families, and other friends whose names I may overlooked. Although Bima never explicitly told me about you, but I believe that he want to send message to me by meeting you  here, “Hi Adi, although I am here in Delft far away from my brothers and sister in Indonesia, I found another brothers and sisters, who have created small and real heaven to me here in Delft”

Thanks to Pater Piet van Dongen, as Bima’s friend since Bima came to Delft,   and Pastor Yan who supported Bima and also to all of you that currently present here in this place,  May God bless you.

Thank you.


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