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Home Addicts Yogyakarta Hostel offers additional convenience to enjoy Jogja by staying at a hostel.

For those of you who want to travel backpacker-style, staying at a hostel is one way to save on budget. 5 Safe and Comfortable Tips When Deciding To Stay At A Hostel ..

With all kinds of disadvantages and advantages offered, you must be prepared to face the consequences that occur. Relax, you can learn how to overcome various kinds of obstacles that you often encounter while staying at a hostel.

Follow these tips!

1. Unexpected Location

Don’t be fooled by the phrase “near from the MRT station”, because even though the hostel is cheap and good, it can be a remote location and is hundreds of meters away from the station. Tip: so you don’t get lost, find as much detail as possible about the road to the hostel from the nearest station and map. If you haven’t found it, don’t be shy about asking local people.

Offered by HOME ADDICTS Hostel:

Home Addicts hostel is located in the middle of Yogyakarta city, in a bustling culinary and fashion area, only less than 100m to the Sekola and Jolie shops. Located on the protocol road and easy to reach.

• Less than 2km to the Vredeburg Fort Museum, Malioboro
• Less than 2km to KM0 Yogyakarta
• Less than 2km to Taman Sari Yogyakarta Tourism Complex
• About 2km to South Square and Lor Square in Yogyakarta
• Less than 3km to Tugu Yogyakarta Railway Station
• Less than 12km to Yogyakarta Airport

2. There is no privacy

If you stay in a room containing 8 beds with adjacent distances without borders, you will automatically lose privacy. Everything you do will be seen by everyone in the room. Tip: put a blanket or stack your bag to limit the view. Or find info on hostel rooms with type of insulated bed before booking so you have a little privacy.

Offered by HOME ADDICTS Hostel:

Every bed in the Home Addicts hostel is equipped with electric plugs and “personal” lights right next to each bed so they can be self-regulated when it will be turned on and when it will be turned off without disturbing and being disturbed by other occupants. And each bed has its own curtain that can be opened and closed to maintain privacy.

3. Noisy Roommate

Staying at a sharing room type hostel means you will sleep with a variety of strangers in one room. It is possible for them to do things that make you less comfortable like sleeping snoring, or chatting until midnight. Tip: always bring earplugs that can muffle the sound and eye patch so you can sleep well

4. Insecure

When you have to leave the room while taking a shower or breakfast, then you leave your valuables in the room. Usually there are lockers for storing items, but not all hostels provide keys. Tip: even though you are already familiar with your roommates, don’t be careless and leave valuables without being locked in a suitcase. Also bring a padlock to make it safer.

Offered by HOME ADDICTS Hostel:

Home Addicts hostels that have six, eight and twelve beds, provide locker facilities for storing personal items in the room, so there is no need to bother storing items that are out of reach.

5. Dirty Bathroom

Because it is used by many people and has to take turns, the hostel’s bathroom is usually dirty quickly, water is pooled on the floor, and full in the morning. Tip: bring your own flip flops, foot towels, wet tissue and toiletries. Get up early and take a shower before someone else so that the bathroom is still dry and clean.

Offered by HOME ADDICTS Hostel:

Home Addicts hostels are very concerned about cleanliness, and will do bathroom cleaning every day to ensure the comfort of guests.

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