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Kayla Toespraak during Misa Requiem Bonifacius Bima Prananta Delft 21 November 2016

Not even 2 months ago my world fell apart. I heard that my father had cancer. The only thing I wondered was why does it have to be my dad, why does it have to be the man who would do anything for me. The man who called me his princess and who showed me that anytime he could. But especially, why does it have to be so early?

239My dad was someone who loved life. He enjoyed every second of it and he woke up with a smile every day. There were a lot of things that made him happy. One thing that made him happy was my mother, he would do anything for her. His last trip to America was with my mother. He wanted to show my mother how beautiful America was. But something that also made him very happy was Star Wars. I mean, my brother Luke isn’t called Luke for a reason. Star Wars made him very happy and that was lovely to see.

My dad was my biggest hero. With a clumsy daughter like me, you must solve a lot of problems. Bikes that get stolen, wallets that get lost, phones that get broken and a lot more stuff. Very exhausting of course, but he did everything for me and he always helped me. Somehow, he always managed to fix my problems. My dad was very smart and you could always see that. Not only would he fix my stupid little problems, he also helped me with school. He knew everything about math or physics, slightly less about chemistry but still more than I know.

Besides having a clumsy daughter like me, I could also be a lot of fun. We watched movies together or we would eat some sweets together. He loved chocolate and cake, but not too much of course. A lot of the time he would eat my food and I would get mad, he always felt sorry but I forgive him of course.

He secretly loved my style as well. When I bought, a bomber jacket he wanted one as well and when I bought a leather jacket he also wanted that. But he couldn’t appreciate the short dresses or short shorts. So, sorry daddy if my dress is too short.

137We would go to the library together every week. We would go on the bike because he loved cycling. He would love to cycle all the time, but he also loved his car. A very healthy and happy life he lived, but with a sad ending. I’m glad he doesn’t have pain anymore and can rest in peace. I’m very proud of everything he accomplished and I’m going to make him proud as well. I’m going to miss him, but I know he’s still with me. I love you dad.


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